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Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle with custom rims from our shop in Canton, Ohio. Canton Tire & Rim offers a vast selection of rims
along with new and used tires to meet your automotive needs. We also offer diagnostic services to help you assess potential mechanical problems. Contact us in Canton, Ohio, at (888) 363-4974 to schedule diagnostic services, or ask about putting custom rims on your vehicle today.

Custom Rims
Upgrade your car with a set of custom rims from Canton Tire & Rim. We offer custom rim designs for 14- to 22-inch rims that look great on any make and model. Our shop has aluminum, alloy, chrome, and custom rims of all kinds with prices ranging from $150 to $350 a piece. If there is any damage to the rims, we will replace them at our cost.

Diagnostic Services
Save money on mechanical issues by finding the problem early. Canton Tire & Rim offers diagnostic services to assess your vehicle's mechanical problems at no cost. Our experts examine your brakes, front end, shocks, and struts to discover mechanical problems. We have a mechanic on site to determine the problem, but do not provide auto repairs; so you know you can trust our estimates.

Tire - Custom Rims in Canton, OH

Call us at (888) 363-4974 in Canton, Ohio, to schedule diagnostic services for your vehicle.